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The Link between Social Media and Transcreation

We offer translation services in English, German and Italian

Transcreation is far more than translation, and different to localisation. It’s not just about converting content to make it authentic and reflective of local markets, but about creating concepts and campaigns within these markets that can be part of a larger, global campaign. A transcreation is about translating the goals and emotional effects of the content into another language.

It is not about a 1:1 translation of linguistic meaning, but about conveying a concept. Cultural, linguistic and emotional aspects must be taken into account in order to successfully convey a brand message in the language of the target country. The challenge is to identify and maintain the intent, the core message, tone and style of the original text.

We create multilingual SEO content for the web that is relevant to the culture and speaks the same language to the target audience. Multilingual content is an amazing tool which can be used to create good Brand Reputation and Brand Awareness around the world. 

Facebook Ads to reach and target the audience you want

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platform in the world. Therefore, some of your potential customers are definitely using it too. You can reach people not only by location (countries, states, cities, and even zip codes), gender and age, but also by interests, behaviours, life events, and many other descriptions. When you combine a huge user base, incredible targeting options and a variety of advertising goals, it becomes clear why Facebook advertising is truly a powerful tool for e-commerce marketing.

Regardless of whether you want to push individual postings, generate more clicks on your website, increase your conversions or expand your fan base – Facebook advertising makes it possible. Also Facebook allows you to retarget users who have already interacted with your brand in some way on and off Facebook. Since they allow you to connect with warm audiences, retargeting ads can result in higher conversion rates and lower cost-per-click averages than other types of ads.

The most shopping-centric social media advertising platform

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular platforms. Both Instagram and Facebook ads can be managed through Facebook’s Ads Manager. By advertising across both platforms, you have the opportunity to reach customers on both platforms. Ads Manager allows you to segment the traffic on both platforms, so that more detailed campaigns can be planed or see which platform is more ideal for your campaign and then concentrate on just one platform.

Should you decide to opt just for Instagram, that has the advantage that Instagram users are more readily interested to engage with your brand and more likely to click on your add. Instagram gives you a good choice between types of ad formats. While creating Instagram Ads is quite simple, their success is hugely dependent on how well the format, content, campaign goal and target group fit together.

Google Ads Campaigns

Google ADS is a platform used to create online advertising campaigns. To start a campaign it is necessary to define the keywords, the “digital” territory on which to display the ad (local, national, international), the budget to invest and the web page on which to convey the user interested in advertising content.

Knowing how to choose these parameters carefully affects the success of a campaign whose goal is to intercept potential customers when the latter “interrogates” the search engines. Managing paid advertisements on the Google Ads platform means knowing how to constantly monitor the progress of campaigns, control audience behaviour and gradually change the variables involved that can improve the performance of individual ads.